A Happy, Healthy Smile

Being diligent about dental care can save you and your pet lots of problems down the road! For more helpful pet tips, click the image.

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What Is A Dog, Really?

A dog is NOT a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is NOT!

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The Love Of A Cat

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Did You Know? Pet Owner Tips

59 Simple Life Hacks for Dog Owners

What tips do you rely on when taking care of your pets?  There’s a great article by Jenn Gabbard, of PuppyLeaks.com, that you should check out!  She includes amazing hacks for pet owners that I just know you’re going to love!

Dog Owner Hacks


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Who’s A Good Boy?

Who's a good boy? More

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What Do Cats Think About?

Funny Animals Pictures

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Chicken Is A Superfood

Have you noticed your dog acting strangely?  Has his appetite waned?  Have you heard him sneezing or coughing?  Has he started having accidents in the house even though he’s housebroken?  It’s important to watch for signs of strange behavior.  That doesn’t always mean a trip to the vet.  Sometimes, a tummy ache and soft stool can be cured with something as simple as boiled chicken.  I find it best to keep at least one of the following items in my house at all times: chicken and chicken broth.  I find it best to boil the chicken and pour the (cooled) broth over it when it comes time to serve it to your pet.  For those days when pet food is too harsh, I will give my pets a strict chicken-only diet until it clears up.  It is rare that they don’t start perking up in a day or two.


Remember: when an animal gets sick, hydration is key.  Every living creature needs water to survive.  If the chicken doesn’t work, consult your vet immediately.  You may also add Pedialyte to their drinking water.  It won’t hurt them, but may replace important fluids they’ve lost while being sick.  For more tips on animal health and awareness, follow my blog!

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